Bill Molthen began seriously thinking about making sculpture when he was in his mid-forties working at a fabrication shop in Los Angeles. He had worked in Seattle in the ‘80s and in Los Angeles in the ‘90s as a blacksmith in various metal fabrication shops, and for several architecture firms in design development, detailing, and construction documentation. Prior to that he had spent several years in the Navy, worked in the Northwest woods and in construction, studied engineering, and acquired a degree in architecture in Oregon in 1982. Bill grew up overseas – Spain in the late ‘50s and Thailand in the ‘60s. All of these experiences are germane to who he is and how he perceives things.

“I am a self-taught artist with a background in architecture and blacksmithing, and I have a lifelong interest in drawing as a means to understanding. My sculptural interests lie in the expression of form, scale and motion – in different materials, primarily steel. My first studies were made by cutting patterns into steel plate and manipulating these flat patterns into three-dimensional forms according to a predetermined set of rules.

Since then I have devised other strategies to generate form and have also incorporated structural shapes into my work in order to challenge notions of function, scale and reference. As my work evolves, I find myself attempting to address form, space, scale and energy in a coherent but abstract manner using geometry as a way to begin fresh without holding onto ideas already exhausted. I believe the highest aesthetic can be achieved with the most economic statement.”

Bill currently lives and works in Austin, Texas, with his wife Susan and their two cats, Frixie Pie and Ponkie Girl.


2013 - Steel Sketches
Cinnabar Gallery
San Antonio, Texas

2012 - Path and Pattern
Angelo State University
San Angelo, Texas

1996 - Steel Sculpture
Thomas Babeor & Co.
La Jolla, California

1985 - Steel
AIA Gallery
Seattle, Washington


2014 - TSG Lawndale Center exhibition
Lawndale Center
Houston, Texas

2014 - TSG All Member’s Exhibition
Dougherty Art Center
Austin, Texas

2013 - in-Depth
Art Car Museum
Houston, Texas
in participation with the Texas Biennial

2013 - PROCESS:
drawings, maquettes & proposals
Austin Community College
Austin, Texas
in participation with the Texas Biennial

2013 - Under the Rotunda
The Texas State Capitol
Austin, Texas

2013 - 47th Annual National
Drawing & Small Sculpture Show
- Honorable Mention
Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, Texas

art work by art museum workers
grayDUCK gallery
Austin, Texas

2002 - The Sculptors
Gallery 835
Los Angeles, California

1999 - Small Works
Art Association Gallery
Los Angeles, California

1998 - Brewery Art Walk
The Brewery
Los Angeles, California

1996 - 31st Annual Open Exhibition
The Fine Arts Institute of the
San Bernardino County Museum

1985 - Metal at Timberline
Mountain High No. V
Timberline Lodge
Mt. Hood, Oregon

1984 - Northwest Oasis Exhibit
Seattle Design Center
Seattle, Washington


1986 - Seattle Arts Commission
and Art in Public Places
Design and construction of
Bumbershoot Festival
main information booth


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